Siemens – Programming

The automation products of the SIMATIC series – up to the latest generation within the PCS7 system range – allow a direct integration of older system components, so that the updating process for the system will require just very short shutdown periods.

PCS7 provides you with a central efficient automation system to control and monitor your plant performance.

With this tool, even plant components that, e.g., have merely a fail-safe function can be integrated into a complex package.

It features an intelligent alarm management and provides redundancy on all levels.

This graphical programming language is particularly suited for process control systems. CFC facilitates the implementation of complex control engineering.

CFC fail-safe logic graphical programming language for fail-safe features

Protect your know-how!

We use Siemens SCL to generate individually adjusted blocks. It is thus possible, for instance, to compile complex calculations in one block. The control elements of motors, valves or adjustment settings plus two of three selections (2003) can be bundled in one block. A know-how protection will safeguard your custom-tailored and individually programmed software. Moreover, we will provide the relevant auxiliary files along with a description and the respective wiring details of these blocks.

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This high-level language offers a variety of structuring options. We use SCL to develop customized functions, which allow being integrated into other programming languages such as FUP or CFC.