Control technology with intelligent fail-safe control PSS4000 with PAS4000
Especially when designing control technology and the associated safety control, we are often faced with the challenge that there is no risk assessment yet. This often leads to cost-intensive retrofits, some of which can be avoided with the PILZ automation system PSS4000.
With the decentralized PSS4000 solution set up by our programmers, short cable paths are possible, whereby all decentralized field boxes are connected via a safe bus with SafetyNET p via fibre-optic.
Through the connection to the higher-level control system, outputs are used as safe contacts or standard I/Os in the logical process flow.
All inputs and outputs of the PSS4000 automation system are visualized in the control system and support the end customer's maintenance group in quickly locating and rectifying faults.
For smaller plants we are also happy to use PNOZmulti and support you with these projects too.

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